Cold War Samurai – The 14th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1987 – 1991

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Merry Christmas Night

To the readers of this web log, a Merry Christmas to you and yours! It’s been some years since the Cold War ended, or so we thought, as our world seems to be rather in turmoil this year and we could all use some peace. Maybe everyone in the world ought to watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and remember the meaning of Christmas that Linus reminded us about – and we ought to apply a little peace and good will toward others:

Anyway, speaking of seasonal entertainment, one of those Cold War Misawa memories of Samurai days was of a certain Japanese popular music artist, a femme by the name of Akina Nakamori (中森明菜), whose image graced the wall of an office in one particular section of the squadron. For one open to music from around the world, Japan had all variety of music which one could enjoy. For some, the language barrier was a turn-off, though others could work through it, and some had to work with it anyway, e.g. in radio comms between Viper pilots and the base’s control tower.

In any event, this Christmas-themed song at the link below was a live performance Akina gave in December, 1986, as plans were being made to ensconce the Samurai at Misawa. The song, “TerminalまでのEve” (as in airline terminal), was originally released in December, 1984, not long after Akina’s 1982 debut. It was the third cut on a four track mini-album titled “SILENT LOVE,” released by Warner Pioneer. It was re-released in December, 1988. So listen, and enjoy, a holiday melody from Cold War Japan:

Update:  09 Apr 2015 – looks like the late ’80’s live version was removed, sorry ’bout that.  Try her earlier studio version at:

Update:  30 Apr 2015 – Late 80’s version available again at:

Update:  14 October 2015 – Late 80’s version available again at:

Update 17 December 2015 – Late 80’s version available again at:

Update 9 June 2017 – Late 80’s version available again at:

Update 24 December 2018 – Late 80’s version available again at:

Akina Nakamori, Wikipedia entry at:

Silent Love mini album, Japan Wikipedia entry at:

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